Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where did time go?

Ohmygoodness, it's been forever. I promise I never forgot about you guys, things just got so ridiculously crazy I had to drop a few things off the "to do" list.

We are in Oklahoma! After a whirlwind of everyone in the family except Jade (knock on wood) being sick, having a yard sale, dealing with movers, living in TLF (temporary lodging facility) in Virginia, loading the cars, trying to see everyone before leaving, blah blah blah we left Virginia last Saturday night after we went out to eat with wonderful friends after church.

Did that sentence (yes, that was one sentence) make any sense? I have no idea. Trust me that life has been crazy... there have been days that I was literally just trying to make it to the next minute I felt so horrible and there have been lots of mini fires that had to be put out.

The drive was remarkably not bad. Jade was ah-MAZ-ing. I think back and am still so amazed by her. She asked for her toys... I handed them to her, she played with them. Doesn't sound remarkable but for a two-year-old it was awesome. Obviously, there were times she asked to get out, but there were no tantrums over it when I said no. She loved visiting with her Auntie Beth in Indiana (where we got to stay an extra day because my fever decided to go up to 101.6) and genuinely seemed to enjoy the trip. We took it fairly easy and hit some touristy spots up along the way and only drove about 5 hrs a day. Until the last day, when I had decided that I was DONE with trying to sleep in a hotel room with 2 babies and we drove 8 hrs from St Louis to Tinker. Jade obviously got annoyed on the 8 hour trip, but really it was Piper that was the one that had me wanting to pull my hair out. Poor thing, at 7-months-old, there's not a whole lot she can do to entertain herself and with us caravanning (thus not being able to sit in the back with her), she was basically either asleep or screaming. I felt horrible but there was nothing I could do.

So we are alive and here. TLF here at Tinker leaves a little something to be desired... like an extra room?? We have one (tiny) bedroom, and a living room with a refrigerator and stove shoved to the side. It's been interesting, but we're making it work for now. We're looking for houses, but geez there just aren't a whole lot of places out there for rent that accept dogs that are the size we're looking for. We're just looking and looking and praying God shows us the house He has for us.

I will wrap this up now, but please be keeping us in your prayers as we look for a place to live. I haven't downloaded (uploaded??) any pictures to my computer yet, but for those of you on Instagram, I am "tcits" and took pictures along the road and am trying to continue taking a few a day.

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