Thursday, September 27, 2012

Piper grows up- 10 months


Mama is sad that I never wrote your 9-month letter OR took your 9-month pictures. Please know that I do love you. Really. It's just this whole moving with two kids thing has been a bit time-consuming

You are doing so well and are becoming such a fun little person. You are crawling everywhere and exploring. You pull up constantly and are starting to let go and stand on your own more and more. You started clapping this month and think it's so much fun. You've also waved a couple times, although not consistently.

You talk *all* the time, although you're not speaking real words yet. The only time when I think you might be actually saying "mama" is when you're crawling around the house saying it. I *think* you're looking for me. However, you have yet to say "mama" while looking at me, so for now I'm just saying that you're not talking yet. You do however make tons of noises. Loudly. I don't know if you're just trying to remind us that you're here or what, but man you are loud. It's hilarious. Your laugh is also priceless... a deep little cackle. Your sister still gets you to laugh the easiest, but you laugh for mama and daddy sometimes too :)

We got the dogs back this month and they are proving to be just as enthralling to you as they were to your sister. They are both so patient with you as you poke their eyes, pull their ears, and crawl all over them. We're working on gentle touch, but we're still working on that with your sister so I suppose it'll come with time!

You have gotten a LOT of teeth. You now have 7 and I know number 8 will be here soon. That's made for some rough nights and cranky days, but things seem to be getting better.

You're learning how to use a cup and still nurse throughout the day and a few times at night, although we're trying to cut the night time feedings down to one. I couldn't tell you how often you nurse, but you're a much bigger nurser than your sister ever was- which honestly, I love. You love eating, but are already proving to be a bit pickier than your sister was at this point. I officially have 2 fruit eaters on my hands, but neither one of you will touch a vegetable. I'm choosing not to worry about it. You devour pretty much everything else we give you. We did discover that you're allergic to eggs, but thankfully it's just when they're by themselves, not when they're cooked into things. Hopefully you'll outgrow that!

You love your daddy. I mean love. One day when he came through the front door, I honestly thought I was going to drop you because you FLUNG yourself out of my arms to him. I nurse you at night and then say Jade's bedtime prayer with her and daddy sings to you. You calm down much faster for him than you do for me :)

We've been babywearing bunches in the last couple months. As long as I'm moving, you're pretty happy and apparently smile at pretty much everyone we pass.

We've been running most every day and although you're not too happy with me when I make you get out of your carseat (thus limiting your morning nap to about 10 minutes) you're happy while I'm running and like to play at the playground with your sister afterwards. You LOVE to swing.

Mama loves you so much and I can't believe how close you're getting to being one!

Lots of kisses,

9-month stats:
weight- 17 lbs, 2 ozs- 20%
height- 25.5 in- 3%
head- 43.5 cm- 30%
proving once again that I have no idea what a big baby is

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two months...

So it's been two months since I've posted. I never intended to take a break from blogging, but as life got crazy, priorities shifted and this fell off the bottom of the "to do" list. Honestly, I'm angry with myself about it. Despite (because of?) the crazy-ness of life, I always need to take time to sit back and reflect and this is one of my main methods of doing that.

Thankfully, I have been consistent with my other tried-and-true methods of staying sane and I have not, in fact, lost my mind completely as I have sworn I was about to do many, many times during this move.

Note to self: do *lots* of research before hiring a moving company. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

The house is slowly coming together. Sunday we actually unpacked all of our pictures and hung some of them up. I'd call that the finishing touches. If we could get the claims settled with the doofus moving company (oops, I said something else) and actually move the broken furniture out of the office area and get all that settled, I'd call us good to go. And the garage doesn't count as part of the house, in case you were wondering. Who needs to park in there anyways?

God has been faithful during this time of chaos. I stumbled across a new running partner at the playground and she's provided the very needed motivation to get out the door every morning and push 60 pounds for 2.5+ miles. He has sent a couple friends for Jade and it has stopped the "mama, where's Abigail?" questions I was getting multiple times a day. He is sending Chuck and I through quite the journey with our marriage (more on that to come- not quite ready to share), and directed our paths to a church on the day they started their series on restoring broken and struggling relationships. He is always good.

Now that I feel like things are settling a bit, I feel like I can renew my commitment to the blog and you guys will start to see me around consistently again. Piper's 10-month post will be tomorrow (please ignore the fact that she never had a 9-month post) and after that, I don't know what's coming. But that's all part of the fun.