Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The nursery

Remember back when I was pregnant and I kept promising you guys pictures of the nursery and never coming through?

Well, I'm gonna do that again.

No, just kidding.

This past weekend, Chuck and I FINALLY hung up Jade's shelves. Yes, we know she is 8 months old. Oh well. She didn't seem to mind.

So here are a couple pictures. I really like the way the way the room turned out. Let me know what you think :)

Chuck would be very angry with me if I did not note that he replaced the quarter round and the baseboards AND put the chair railing up all by himself. Oh, and he painted the room all by himself too.

We put those shelves by her crib for the humidifier... it wasn't helping her at all from across the room. At first, it bothered me that they were empty, but I figure eventually she'll have enough stuff to fill them up!

We got the owl painting from Target. The rod with the cups came from Ikea... it's great for storing all of her medicine and stuff. The dresser was my grandfather's. Chuck added the handles.

When Jade was younger, we had a changing pad on top of the dresser. As she got older, she started trying to roll off the changing pad and I decided it wasn't worth fighting with her and I could use the space for other stuff anyways. So now we change her on the floor :)

More stuff from Ikea... which we bought 4 days before Jade arrived! The basket on top has a bunch of books that were mine and my brother's when we were kids. I want to get some bookends, but that will come.

The chair was donated by Chuck's parents- thank you!

A close up of the shelves. The toys we have in her room fit nicely :)

I love these cubes from Ikea. This is where we keep all of her blankets and burp cloths. Oh, and that nightlight says "Auburn Tigers" in case you were wondering :)

My aunt bought these letters from Etsy... I love them :)

View of the room from the door. The rug is from Land of Nod. Notice the shelves. Yup, they're on the wall- yay! Now, I just have to hang up some curtains... maybe before she's one ;)


Kristin Roberts said...

so so so cute!

Anna said...

Love the pics--especially the one with Jade! We will eventually get the bookends done--or bought!! Love you, Mom

Kaytlin said...

Wow!! It looks SO good! (what a change from when you moved in!) You did an amazing job.

Jessica said...

so I finally remembered to look at the pics-the nursery looks great! I think my favorite addition is the shelves above her crib but the letters come in as a close second :)