Friday, February 19, 2010

29 weeks

11 weeks to go! How crazy is that? I'm amazed that I just keep getting bigger. They're going to have to widen doorways before this is all over...

I took my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes on Wednesday, and thankfully, I do NOT have it. Everything came back completely normal. That orange stuff they make you drink made me gag, but I suppose that's better than having diabetes and not knowing about it...

I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks instead of 4 now. At 35 weeks, I'll start going every week and having internal exams to check for progression.

Chuck and I picked out the paint colors last weekend and bought the chair railing, but unfortunately we didn't get any of it up. Hopefully we'll get it up this weekend. Heck, I'll be honest... hopefully he'll get it up this weekend. I'm not much help in that department. After we get it up, we'll do the painting and then he'll put up the ceiling fan and that's basically it. The crib is here and unpacked, we're just waiting to put it together until we can put it in the right room. I'm so excited to be done.... I keep having dreams that I have the baby early and it doesn't have anywhere to sleep when we bring it home. In one of them, we put it in Belle's kennel and Belle was not very happy. My entire pregnancy I've read about "pregnancy dreams" and how weird they can be, but hadn't really had any until recently, but now that I'm having them MAN they're crazy.

Anyways, while I know that the baby will not be sleeping in the dog's kennel even if I do have it early, I'll be glad to have the nursery done. Who knows what I'll dream about then?

This weekend we're attending a childbirth class down in Virginia Beach that's all about natural childbirth. We're attending a class at the hospital as well, but since most people scream for the epidural as soon as they can have it, I thought it would be helpful to take a class somewhere else too. I'm completely aware that I might not be able to have the natural labor that I want, but I'm also aware that without any preparation it's extremely likely that I'll cave early. There's all kinds of techniques and such to help you with the natural process. If you're interested, here's the website: Birth in Sight. They're a little on the fru-fru side, but I think the information they dispense will be helpful.

I'll try to get better about updating regularly, but as far as I know, Kristin's the only one that reads this, so what's the point?? Haha, love you guys :)

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