Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On Monday, my friend Kristi and I went to Ikea in Woodbridge. It's about a 2 hr drive, but was well worth it. We spent the whole day there walking around and just had such a good time. I got new curtains for all of our windows and bought new bookshelves, which I desperately need.

I also got a desk chair. It was my "splurge" purchase. I needed one, but I
didn't necessarily need to spend $90 on it.
But look at it- it's just so cute! Luckily Chuck understood :) And I put it together all by myself, which I am very proud of!

Last weekend we were snowed in again and spent most of the day Saturday working on the nursery and it is now all cleaned out :) Unfortunately, that means that "grammie's room" is covered in things that are going to Goodwill. If the weather would clean up, I could actually take it... but so far that only good weather we've gotten this week was Monday and I was at IKEA all day :) Either way, I'm very excited that the room is clean and we can start making some real progress. Chuck has a 3-day weekend this weekend, so we're planning on at least putting the chair railing up and prepping for painting.

Don't worry, I'm taking pictures along the way and will post them when everything is looking beautiful :)

My next doctor's appointment is next week and I'm not looking forward to it because I have to take the test for gestational diabetes and I've heard the stuff you have to drink is really nasty. Oh well, I'm glad they test for it since it can be really dangerous if you do have it and it's not controlled. And hopefully I don't have it!

We're supposed to have good weather for the next few days, so hopefully that holds true. I'm completely sick of snow and rain. Not to mention the fact that my jackets are getting extremely tight and I won't be able to wear them for much longer so it needs to warm up!!

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Kristin Roberts said...

ERIN!! I can't wait to see you soon! I can't believe how much baby is growing. I laughed at your little "don't tell that to a pregnant person" comment. So true - i mean where else is a baby supposed to go in a little person.. out is the only direction! You really do look soo cute. Thanks for updating this blog.. i wanted to comment so you'd know i'm reading it :) And I for one am very impressed with how much you are preparing.. i'm sure it is probably easy to always feel somewhat behind. but you're doing great. ~K