Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My little girl

Is getting so big.

I am aMaZeD at how strong she is. She loves nothing more than to sit on the edge of the table while holding onto our hands. Oh wait, I take that back... she loves to STAND on the edge of the table holding onto our hands. She just stands there, looking around, wobbling all over the place, but so proud. Every now and then she'll let go of one hand for a second or two. I'm not sure how many almost 4-month-olds can do that, but I declare my 4-month-old amazing even if it's more normal than I think it is :)

The visit with Carmen and Randy was really good. Chuck and I were able to go see 2 movies... Despicable Me and Inception. I definitely liked Despicable Me better. Jade wouldn't take the bottle from Carmen here (I was really hoping she would say "oh, this is the person I took the bottle from in that other house", but no such luck) but we just left the house after putting her down for the night and it was ok.

Sleep was going better for a few days, but now is getting worse again. There's something called the 4-month sleep regression that I think we're going through. It's like she's too curious about what's around to sleep. Up until now, if she was asleep when we got to Target, I would strap her on and she would sleep the whole way through the store. But now she's looking all over the place and won't go back to sleep. And then we get into that lovely overtired place where she's exhausted but can't/won't sleep. Hopefully this won't last long, because I was enjoying the 4-5 hours she was doing in the crib at the start of the night :)

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Anna said...

Sounds like Miss Jade is doing great--except for the sleep thing. Can't wait until next week when we get to see her!!