Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick update

Today was our first appointment with the occupational therapist. Last week at her evaluation, they basically said that her mouth needs to be trained to do what most babies do naturally: suck and swallow. She will suck on her hand all day long, but had a hard time with the breast, and will not take a pacifier or bottle.

The appointment was fairly uneventful, but we can't expect a miracle in a week! We will go once a week for 6 weeks, and then re-evaluate.

Yesterday we had Jade's 3-month pictures made. She was the most serious-faced baby ever, but I think the pictures turned out really well. Here's a link if you're interested:


~Hope said...

The pics need a password/id :( I want to stalk your pretty baby!

Anna said...

Hey--The serious pictures are too cute!!I love the close ups.

~e said...

They need a password? Weird... they don't when I click on it and I don't have a password.