Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back home

Monday we got home from Minnesota. All in all the trip was great, although exhausting. We hung out with Chuck's parents and brother, went to a wedding in Wisconsin, went to the Mall of America and went to an impromptu class reunion for Chuck's high school class.

Here are some photos to document Jade's first major trip :)

Jade did not actually attend a Twins game (although Chuck and I went to 2- yay). BUT she got to come on a tour of Target Field, which I must say was very interesting. I uh... hate baseball (yes, Chuck knows this and has reconciled with at as long as I play along) but the Twin's new stadium (is that what you call a baseball field??) is pretty awesome.

This is the 3 of us at the wedding. Aren't her shoes adorable?? My Aunt Debra bought her outfit and I just loved it. This was her first time wearing shoes.

This is Jade smiling at me at the hotel. She smiles pretty consistently now... but never for the camera. It's the most frustrating thing ever. Oh well :)

And my little girl is now 3 whole months old!

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Neil S said...

I love the picture at the stadium--yes that is what that is. Please send me that one so I can enlarge it. I am going to set up a Google account so I can become a "follower." I have not gotten any emails that you had posted so I didn't know to look.
Jade looks SO MUCH like you in the 3 month old shot.

Love you,