Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Asking for prayer

Warning- this post contains lots of info about breastfeeding...

The past few days with baby Jade have been incredibly frustrating. Monday night she started doing this weird thing where she would act hungry and I would try to feed her and she would scream. I figured it was no big deal and went on with my life. She ate fine at all of her night feedings Monday night. Tuesday morning she ate fine.

Then she went on a hunger strike. She was acting hungry... sucking on her hand, etc. She would fall asleep and wake up screaming and I can only assume that was because of hunger. Yet every time I put her to my breast, she would scream. Sometimes she would suck a few times and then scream and sometimes she would scream at the mere sight of my boob. She did not eat for 6.5 hours. Needless to say, this was not a good day. When I finally got her to eat, she would only eat on the left side. It didn't matter what position I tried on the right side, she didn't want any of it.

Overnight it got a little better... she did eat on the right side in the sidelying position. This morning she did fine in our normal cradle hold on the left side.

All day yesterday I was talking to the triage nurse and the lactation consultant at the pediatrician's office. They couldn't figure it out either, but suspected an ear infection. So early this morning the LC called and made me an appointment to see the doctor. Well, we saw the doctor and she couldn't find anything wrong. Jade nursed GREAT when the lactation consultant was sitting right there... even on the right side (though still not in our normal cradle hold). So I left feeling ok... she hadn't gained much weight since last Monday, and that concerned them, but as long as she continued eating ok we were golden.

Well... it's now been 5 hours since her last good feeding and we're going through it all again.

I have her an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow and am PRAYING that he has the magic touch and she starts nursing well again. If that fails to occur, I'll be back at the pediatrician either tomorrow or Friday.

This of course is all complicated by the fact that she will not take a bottle so our other feeding option is syringe feeding. Thankfully we're not there yet. And she obviously isn't starving... and when she's awake and not screaming at me she's actually been very happy... cooing and smiling more than she ever has. But that doesn't change the fact she needs to eat. Most 2 month olds eat every 2-3 hours with one or two 4-5 hour stretches (one of those hopefully being overnight). And she is definitely NOT doing that right now... so she isn't getting the nutrition she needs, hence the stalled weight gain.

Ok, this got WAY longer than I expected but I am just so frustrated right now. All that to say: please pray that Jade eats.

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