Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not my proudest moment

But 2 nights ago, the night I posted my "first" post, we finally reached a breaking point. Chuck said "if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it" and I pumped exclusively and he offered her the bottle every time she got hungry. She went 13 hours without eating. 13 hours. Granted, she had about 3 ounces dripped into her mouth... but no latching and sucking. And at 4 am, when I was on my way downstairs to feed my baby because I just couldn't take it anymore, she drank. Then she had another bottle at 8. And another at 11. And then I fed her :)

Like I said, not my proudest moment... not feeding my kid for 13 hours. But I think it worked. And she doesn't seem to be emotionally or physically scarred.

And she took the bottle again today no problem. So now we will just continue to give her one every day. And never skip a day... ever, ever again.

A couple pictures... Jade at 1 month:

And Jade at 2 months:

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