Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The doctor agrees

That Jade's amazing :) We had Jade's 4-month appt yesterday and she said that Jade has the trunk control of a 6-month old and the leg strength of an 8-month old. Yeah, you read that right. So it's not just conceited mama thinking :)

She weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 2 ounces. She's 24 inches long and her head measurement is 15.75. She's in the 15-25% for weight and the 45-50% for everything else, which has been consistent since 2 weeks so everything is good to go.

I discussed our sleep/bottle issues and got 2 suggestions: try to give her a little bit of cereal (1 tablespoon) so see if it helps her sleep and go ahead and try a sippy cup... and skip straight to the kind with a straw. The sippy cup I'm totally game for... I'm sick of bottles :) But the solids kind of trip me out... there are all kinds of reasons why they normally advise waiting until 6 months, but they said that she has all the qualities they look for: lots of drool, good neck/trunk control and is very oral (ie, everything goes into her mouth). So I dunno. I figure we'll try it... but I kind of doubt that it'll help, and if it doesn't I'm gonna stop until the 6 month point.

My parents are supposed to come visit on Saturday, but Hurricane Earl is visiting on Friday. Hopefully the hurricane won't be too bad and we won't have to evacuate because that would definitely put a cramp in our weekend plans :)

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