Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fourth of July in pictures

What? I'm still in the right month...

These are photos of Jade with Jessica's son, Caleb. They had lots of fun but it was impossible to get one of them both smiling and looking at the camera. Regardless, I love the photos we got. Hope you enjoy :)

A very happy Jade.

A somewhat happy Jade that is about to flip out of the wagon. For the record, 
she tucked her head and did a nice roll. No damage done.

Caleb was more interested in pulling than sitting.

Or pushing...

Don't know why I like this one so much.

And they both look somewhat happy :)

Quick life update: Chuck, Jade and I are now down in the Outer Banks, NC at the beach. We drove down last night and are waiting on Jade to wake up from her nap to go to the actual beach. Our house is awesome and we're already envisioning ourselves coming here for years (but bringing more people to make it cheaper! I will try to post photos throughout the week.

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Anna said...

Very cute pictures!!