Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pregnancy- 20 weeks

First, yes, I know that I've been MIA and such lately. I'm trying to rectify that... promise. I'm just gonna skip Jade's 14-month post since she's closer to 15-months than 14 now, but I should be more consistent from now on. Not sure if anyone cares, just wanted to throw it out there :)

I'm missing a few belly pictures, but I will post the ones I do have!

19 week belly photo

20-week belly photo

Pregnancy: 20 weeks

Weight Gain: 7 pounds. I was really worried at this appointment because I didn't exercise much and ate like crap while I was out of town, but I only gained 3 pounds. Can't complain about that.

Sleep: I'm finally doing a little better. The trip was rough... 3 different beds, none of which were mine, gave me some serious back issues. But the combination of the chiropractor and my bed is helping and I'm finally starting to sleep better!

Gender: Ready for this? It's another GIRL! We're so excited. I can just picture my girls, growing up as best friends. I'm thrilled.

Name: We have officially decided that we're not going to tell anyone the name that we pick out. With that said, we're actually throwing around a couple options at this point, which is way better than we were doing with Jade. We're not 100% on anything, but we're actually on the right track.

Feeling: Getting better. The combination of the trip and the heat has completely drained me. The doc thinks that I also had a mild virus on top of this which caused the nausea and such I've been battling. I still don't have as much of an appetite as normal, but I'm feeling better and am praying this is not my pregnancy for the next 20 weeks.

Movement: Still feeling her moving around in there! I haven't been able to feel anything from the outside yet, but the ultrasound tech today said that my placenta is in front so that explains that. We should be able to feel her from the outside in a couple weeks :)

Next Appointment: August 16


Anna said...

Sounds like everything is going normally. The pictures are very good. Know the nausea will let up soon; probably just the heat.

Kristin Roberts said...

You look so cute! Especially your outfit in the 20-week photo (can't believe it's been that long already)

I totally support your decision about not telling people the name. However, it will be hard to wait to know what to call her! I guess that leaves a fun surprise for the rest of us on delivery day! Love you. Hope you feel better and better.

~Hope said...

So excited for you all! Guess it is time to come up with a new blog name? :)

~e said...

Yeah- I've been thinking about it. I figure I'll change it right around the time the new baby gets here. Gives me some time :)