Friday, November 25, 2011

Thoughts about baby #2

Things you manage to forget in 18 months:

1. How much labor hurts. Practical joke from God, I say.

2. How much you can instantly love someone.

3. How much it hurts when your milk comes in. Hello, playboy boobs.

4. The funny squeaky noises newborns make.

5. How funny it is when they scream when you're changing their diaper. They seriously seem to think you're trying to kill them.

6. How good they smell.

7. How funny they look. Don't get me wrong, I think Piper is beautiful. But newborns look funny. They just do.

8. The funny faces they make in their sleep.

9. How calming it is when they sleep on your chest.

10. How all of a sudden nothing else seems important. My world might be very small right now, but it is very full. My little family means the world to me.

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Anna said...

Nothing like a precious baby!!
Can't wait to see you all.

Anna said...

Nothing in the world like a precious baby. Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks.