Friday, May 25, 2012

Busch Gardens

When I found out we were moving, I told Chuck that I wanted to take a trip to Busch Gardens before we left. He said "with the kids?"
I don't blame him. The trip had the potential to be horrible. But I wanted to try, so a few weekends ago we headed up there. And it. Was. Awesome. The planets aligned and both of our children were little angels, the weather was great and the lines for kiddy rides weren't bad at all.
Mostly I'm glad we went for Jade. We weren't sure how many rides she would be able to do but were pleasantly surprised that there were a good many. And she LOVED it. And I loved watching her love it. It was one of those perfect family days you dream about before you have kids. Ya know, the ones that really don't happen all that often?
For the record, all of these were taken with my iPhone because we didn't want to drag the dSLR with us. Certainly not the best quality, but the memories were preserved and that's the point!

The height station where she got her orange arm band. The lady was so sweet and acted like we really needed one even though Jade is obviously in the shortest category.

Watching the Elmo show in Sesame Street world. Or whatever it's called.

Standing in line for her first ride. She had no desire to look at the camera.

Quite possibly my favorite one!

Riding another ride with daddy.

She wanted to meet Elmo until we got close.

And then she really, really didn't want to.

Another ride!

What Piper did most of the day :)

Family photo! For the record, it got cold and I stole Chuck's shirt and forgot to take it off before we took a picture. Then the nice people that took our picture were gone. Oh well.

Trying to get a good one with Jade. She did not cooperate.

First solo ride!

This really cool treehouse thing that Jade (and Chuck) had a lot of fun on.

Playing peek a boo with the net. Last ride before they shut the park down.
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