Thursday, May 10, 2012

Miss Jade- age 2

I realize this post may bore some to tears, but these are the kind of little things that I don't want to forget. The day to day with my Jade.

*Narration. Constantly talking. Just an example, on a run she will say "running. boy running. dog. brown dog. bird. bird flying. bird flying high. yellow car. school bus. red! stop!" This is adorable. However, she requires a response to everything: "yes, Jade, the boy is running...." and when I'm huffing and puffing this is hilarious as well as annoying :)

*Roll call. In the car: "mama?" "yes, Jade." "Daddy?" Daddy's at work, Jade". "Piper?" Piper can't talk yet, Jade". Over and over and over.

*Reading. She still LOVES to read. She consistently reads to herself as well now. Actually, sometimes she refuses to sit in my lap for our bedtime routine... instead she sits at my feet and reads herself her story. I'm amazed by how many of her books she actually knows... she knows the main words on every page of most of her books.

*Counting. She consistently counts as she's doing things. Sometimes it's not in order, but sometimes it is. She recognizes her numbers 1-9 and loves to point them out as we're driving/walking around.

*She loves her friends. Everytime we leave the house, she asks if we're going to see Abigail. Or Brylee (whom we've known about a month). Or one of the other kids at church. I'm grateful that she gets excited to go see her friends, and that she apparently gets attached to new kids quickly because that will come in handy in Oklahoma!

*When Chuck gets home every day, she waits at the door. Then when he comes to the door, she runs away and hides behind my legs while laughing and peering at him before deciding that she does still love him and RUNNING up to him. I have no idea why she acts "shy" with him every day but it's adorable.

*She loves to help. She "helps" me carry Piper's carseat in and out of the house, she will throw things away when I ask her to, and likes to hold my shopping list at the grocery store. Those are just a few examples.

*She is very opinionated as to what we listen to in the car. She requests certain songs. Sometimes she wants to listen to that song over and over for weeks and then gets ridiculously sick of it and screams "don't song!" when it comes on. Other times, she just doesn't want to listen to anything and we ride in silence. Sometimes she wants me to sing. Either way, she knows exactly what she wants and screams when she doesn't get it.

*The girl loves Mickey Mouse. I mean *loves*. I keep expecting her to get sick of the show and want something else, but it hasn't happened yet. We've limited her to 2 episodes a day and she fully relishes each minute.

*She despises having her diaper changed, and is slowly learning to use the potty.

*She loves her baby sister. She loves to sit in the crib with her and "pray" with her, hand her things, pat her on the head and grab her face and say "so cute!". It's adorable.

*And she throws fits. Some days are certainly better than others.

*Can't believe I originally forgot this one. She says, "mama, what doin'/" at least 5,000 times a day. Even when she knows exactly what I'm doing (feeding Piper, fixing dinner, driving, reading, etc), she will ask and then ask again after I answer her. And then ask again after I answer her again. It's one of those phases that I'm sure I will think is funny in a little while, and it's honestly funny now but it's also incredibly annoying :)

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Anna said...

That' Jade in a nut shell! Love her!!