Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm back?

Apparently, I need to schedule a break every year for the holidays. Somehow I wind up being so busy that everything that is non-essential is pushed completely off my plate. I assumed after I got back in town I would just right back on the blogging wagon, but instead I found myself completely overwhelmed by unpacking and getting back into the swing of things.

And well, here we are. Two months later.

There have been so many little things I have wanted to blog lately but I can't even remember half of them. But I'll try to post more consistently now. I know all 2 of you that read this will be very glad :)

I feel like I've been *so* busy lately, but honestly 90% of my time is spent potty training and retrieving Piper from places she's not supposed to be.

A picture recap:

Lots of fun attempts for family pictures at Christmas

This one isn't half bad! 4 generations.


Cheese #2

Chuck and I had FOUR NIGHTS without the kids after Christmas. And this is the only photo proof-
Fantasy in Lights

The sweet gift Jade made for Chuck and I at MDO.

Piper loves some necklaces.

I've been learning to sew.

The girls are "great" helpers :)

And love taking baths.

First bloody nose (second followed the next week...)

Joint nap boycott.

Cute piggy tails

And some sister love.

Not sure what's coming up from the blog in terms of me writing, but I am starting a photo course Sunday and I intend to post some of my pictures here. I can't wait to learn how to actually use my camera!

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Sallie V said...

Aww..I wish I could leave comments on all the pictures! I love them! My comments woul have included remarks such as "You should see the other baby." "LOVE THE BABY BOOTIES!" "I really like the taggy!" and "Nice Cheesin!"