Thursday, February 21, 2013

Piper grows up- 15 months

Piper- girl,

Yesterday you were 15-months old. I can hardly believe it. It seems weird, but I still feel new to Oklahoma, which makes you 6-months-old in my mind. And then I see you walking and talking and doing all of these things and I'm just blown away by how quickly it's all happened.

Since the letter I wrote at 12 months, you have made the switch to walking. And climbing. Oh goodness the climbing. I've been around babies much worse, so maybe I shouldn't complain but if I find you in the bathroom sink playing with the soap one more time I might lose it. All doors in the house are either closed or gated thanks to you baby girl. You have no concept that you can fall off the stool in the bathroom (even after doing it) onto the hard tile floor, so closed door it is.

You have just recently begun to talk a bit more. Your words aren't quite as clear as Jade's were at this age so it's taken me some time to figure out that you're saying the same thing consistently and that it is your word for certain things. For instance, every time you see Belle, you say something. Just (I thought) a little piece of gibberish. But then I realized that you were saying the same thing every time. Not sure if you're saying Belle or dog, but I'll count it as a word :) You also say swing (or something like it) every time you look in the backyard. Other new words are book, uh-oh, all done, eat (which is mostly the 'e' sound), Minnie (me-me), and you hoot like an owl (of course). You haven't bothered to say dada yet, but we know that you love him so he's letting it slide.

You are also signing up a storm. Not a ton of signs, but that's not your fault, it's mama's and daddy's for not teaching them to you. You sign all done, milk, eat, more, bath, diaper change, and are starting to try water. Because you learned the sign for milk, I feel like a cow again because every time you see me you sign milk with both hands like that's all I'm good for. I'm assuming (hoping, haha!) this is a stage that will pass rather quickly.

Because of your joy in being able to sign milk, you're nursing about 10 times a day. At 15-months old. Most of the sessions are very short, but when I say no you generally pitch a fit. So yeah, I have no desire to wean anytime soon, which I've decided you very much appreciate. If we're out and about you don't nurse that much, so I know a good bit of it is that I'm here and you're bored and you are slowly starting to accept distractions so I expect that number to go down a bit here shortly. You also *love* to eat table foods. You are getting a bit pickier, just like your sister did around this time, but for the most part will eat anything. And a lot of it. You love oatmeal and have that most mornings along with a banana or some other fruit and some cheese. And then you ask for more, so I generally wind up giving you multiple pieces of fruit. You're still a bit sporadic with meat, but other than that and avocado and a few other things I can't think of right now, you'll eat basically anything. You're tummy is still a bit sensitive and you've thrown up just from drinking too much or eating too much, so I figure we're a ways away from trying eggs again and I'm holding off on the peanut butter for a while as well.

You've finally learned how to point and will now point to things in books when I ask you where it is. You also know your nose and I'm pretty sure you know your eyes and ears too and just think it's funny that you point to your nose every time.

We are wrapping just as much as we were at 12-months. I probably wear you around the house at least once a day (generally to cook) and oftentimes more than that. I always wear you when we're out because if I have to take sister to the potty, it's a whole lot easier if you're not walking around touching everything in the (gross) bathroom. For the most part, you love being worn. Every now and then you want to get down, but you generally lay nice and still while I wrap you and hang out on my back for as long as I want you to. I love babywearing :)

You are starting to outgrow your 9-12 month clothes. Or at least your 9-12 month shirts. They've started to ride up fairly consistently (which helped you find your belly button-yay!) but your pants are still pretty long so I'm not sure how that's gonna work out. Can't wait until it's shorts weather and then it won't matter!

Your personality is a lot more toddler-like than Jade's was at this age. I think because you have such a good example in your sister haha. You pitch fits, hit (mostly just trying to push me away, but it still hurts!), pull hair and scream when you don't get your way. But you also laugh super easily and make the most awesome faces that crack me up. I have a feeling you might be up and down a bit like your mama. Nothing wrong with that ;)

You are still adored at MOPS and church. You moved to the "walkers" room at church and your first week I asked how you did and they said "she really loves snacks". Ha! That's my girl :) You aren't as quick to smile at strangers as you used to be and have perfected a scowl which I find hilarious. When you would walk up and reach for perfect strangers, it scared mama a little, so I'm ok with the scowl!

We love you so much Piper girl, and can't imagine life without you.

Lots of love,

15 month stats-
weight: 20 lbs, 13 ozs, 18%
height: 28.75 inches, 8%
head circumference, 32%
compared to Jade