Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thoughts on a 3-day weekend

Yesterday was Presidents' Day. Which meant Jade did not have Mother's Day Out. And also (thankfully) meant that Chuck had the day off.

And I have to say it- I don't know how mom's who have husband's that travel a lot do it. Not how they manage while the husband is gone- although I don't really know how they do that either. But how they adjust constantly between him being gone and being home. Because I suck at it.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when Chuck is home. The girls are so excited to have daddy here and it's really nice not to have to sit on the stool in the bathroom to nurse Piper while I'm waiting on Jade to go potty. That combined with the fact that I do genuinely enjoy his company makes for some fun times.

Ahem. But I also find that he's constantly "in my way" or "not doing what he should". I have such a good routine going during the week that when he's here I find that I get *way* less done and this weekend in particular I got so incredibly frustrated.

His answer to this predicament is that he can just not come home. Uh, no. I find my attitude to be completely ridiculous and get so ashamed at the way that I act. Here I am, expecting Jade to behave and have a good attitude and I can't even manage that! Last night, I found myself laying in bed thanking God for the patience and grace He extends towards me and asking for the ability to extend that to my kids.

I don't think this post actually has a point. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has a hard time adjusting between the weekends and the week and how they handle that. At this point, I wouldn't blame Chuck if he didn't want to come home because (let's face it) the kids can be all over the place emotionally and currently I'm not a whole lot more predictable. This is an area that God is really bringing to my attention that needs to change, that I need to repent of, ask forgiveness for. Am I alone?


Kristin Roberts said...

I can totally understand that, even though it seems backwards. Sometimes when Derik is gone for an evening for example, even though I miss him a lot, I sometimes find that I was more productive.. I guess because it's just I have more control over everything since it's just me running the show. And you definitely aren't alone in general because one of the big issues in dealing with counseling children of military parents is the adjustments to when dad leaves and dad comes home because BOTH are incredibly hard. Not just the leaving. Obviously you are talking about deployment, but it's the same general concept. A family is a system (according to systems theory, which I subscribe to), and any time there is an extra part or a missing part it changes the entire system.

Kristin Roberts said...

correction *you are NOT talking about deployment