Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another week

Baby has started kicking like crazy when I lay down at night. Everyone told me it would happen, and so it has. I feel like there's a circus going on in there. I also experienced baby's hiccups for the first time. I knew it would feel weird... and it certainly does. I just think it's so strange that they get hiccups in the womb in the first place. But I feel like my stomach is spazzing out. So far, that's the only thing that's annoyed me... but it happened Sunday and Monday. Hopefully it won't get more frequent :)
One of the things I really wanted to do after the baby got here was get newborn pictures taken. I plan on getting pictures done at 6 months and a year minimum, but I know how quickly infants change and really wanted to document the baby within a couple weeks. So after some twisting of Chuck's arm, he agreed that we could pay a professional to come to the house for the newborn photos and then go to Sears or something more reasonable for all the photos after that. I am so excited! There were a few options here in town, but after some research I chose Amy Sandoval Photography. I'm not a huge fan of how her website is set up because you can't look at just the newborn photos, but click on portrait website and then scroll through her galleries and you can certainly tell which ones are the newborns.
She's going to come to our house within 10 days of the birth and do the photos here... she brings some props and such though. I thought that would be so much easier than getting baby out and going somewhere. I'm so excited- newborn photos are just adorable :)

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