Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So it begins...

When I first got pregnant, a friend said "start a blog!" I laughed at her.

My first trimester consisted of laying on the couch, running to the bathroom, puking and nausea. Why would anyone want to read about that?

Thankfully, the second trimester has been MUCH better and I find myself with some time to kill. Not sure how good I'll be at keeping this up AFTER Baby is here, but I'll do my best to update regularly until the baby gets here. I suppose it'll be nice to keep people informed ;)


Emily said...

I'm not sure if you know me, but I am one of Bev Carlson's granddaughters. We have not had the privelage of meeting as of yet. We found out last month that we are also expecting, in August. So I completely understand the not wanting to talk about how horrible you feel the first trimester! Congrats on the pregnancy! And you look fantastic!

Beth said...

Miss Erin (and the Chuckster) - I am thrilled you are doing this and very excited that Randy forwarded me the e-mail so I could get on board. It is exciting - and I also enjoy seeing pictures of the dogs.

Love to you both - give each other a hug for me.

aka Antie Beth

Neil S said...

Hey--Dad and I are sharing his Google account since the blog is biased and does not recognize HotMail. We enjoyed your comments and the pictures. Zoe and Belle are going to be good big sisters.

Mom and Dad

~e said...

Emily- Are you guys in Minnesota? Congratulations on your upcoming baby- I find this it's SO nice to read about what other mom's (or soon-to-be moms!) are going through. It helps me realize I'm not crazy. Or at least I'm not crazy for THAT reason, haha. I hope you're feeling fine and that we get to meet one day!
Auntie Beth- So glad Randy forwarded the email, I knew I was leaving people out :) Chuck and I are talking to make a trip up to Indiana this summer sometime so that Grandpa B can meet Baby. Maybe August? Not sure yet, but we'll keep you posted :)