Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Had my appointment today

And everything was good :) I've gained more weight than I had wanted to at this point, but I'm trying not to beat myself up over it. I go back in 4 weeks and then after that it'll be every 2 weeks until 35 weeks and then I'll go every week. At my next appointment I have my test to screen for gestational diabetes. Hopefully I don't have it! I have to drink this nasty orange stuff before I go- oh joy :)

Chuck and I ordered the baby's crib on Friday. I'm super excited about it.

It's the Babi Italia Eastside Classic in Cinnamon, which is a dark wood... but not super dark. It's very "classic" looking. Many cribs now have one side that's taller because eventually it can convert to a headboard, but I wasn't a huge fan of those and really liked this one. It's supposed to be here in 7-14 days, which is way earlier than I expected! It'll have to sit in a guest room for a while so we can get the room painted.
Luckily, that is all the furniture we have to buy. We already have a dresser that matches fairly well that was my grandfather's and we found a changing table at Goodwill for $35. I wanted a bookshelf, but I think the room is going to be too small, so we're going to hang shelves on the wall instead.

I also just ordered the bedding. I decided not to go with a set, because you can't let baby sleep with a quilt anyways and many people recommend against using bumpers because of the increased risk of SIDS. So why spend $400 (no lie... some of them are that much) on a set that includes those 2 things? Especially since it was really hard to find gender-neutral stuff that I really liked that wasn't exorbitant. So I just ordered a sheet and the skirt and I figure I'll get the rest of the sheets from Target or wherever. And if I want to get cutesy stuff after the baby comes, I can. It's very simple, but here's a link:

I loved the whole set, but why pay the money if you can't use it? So yup, just the skirt and sheet. It's more than I wanted to pay, but it was SUPER hard to find things that were sold individually and I wasted probably 10 hours of my weekend looking at bedding and trying to find something that I liked. So I decided my sanity was worth the money. When they come in, I'll pick the paint colors. We're going to put up chair railing and the bottom half will be the teal-ish color on the skirt and the top will be a light brown/cream. Possibly a creamy yellow. Haven't completely decided. I will continue to update :)

I went to see the movie Leap Year yesterday with my friend Kaytlin and it was super-cute. Nothing earth shattering, but entertaining and surprisingly clean. A chick flick with no sex scenes... it's sad when that's surprising!

Well, I'm gonna go try to get some sleep. My OB okayed taking Benadryl every few days to help me sleep and I'm really hoping it helps. I have felt so exhausted lately because I just haven't been sleeping. I'm hoping tonight is different!


Neil S said...

I like the bedding--very neat looking. So you have sort of changed your mind about the room colors. I'm sure it will be pretty. Hope you are sleeping better. Enjoying your blog and pictures.



~e said...

Haha, I didn't "sort of" change my mind. I completely changed my mind because I couldn't find anything that would look good with those colors. But oh well, because I like this!

Meg said...

I love the bedding!

Emily said...

Love the bedding! So I take it you aren't finding out the sex of the baby ahead of time? I'm so not that patient! I wish I could wait to find out, I think it would be more fun that way. Good luck with the gestational diabetes test. I always hated drinking the orange stuff, but it wasn't completely awful. Tastes like a really syrupy orange soda.

Anita said...

Hi Erin! Love the photos and commentary! Thanks for letting me visit! I'll be checking back often. Give Chuck a hug for me and have him give you a hug for me. :D