Friday, October 29, 2010

Six months!!

I seriously cannot believe that my little girl is half a year old. I know I say that every month, but it's true. And six months just seems like such a milestone age.

We've recently started giving her some food... we had been giving her teething biscuits for about a week while Chuck and I were eating dinner and she got kind of bored with those. Monday, I actually gave her a bone from my chicken thigh (yes, I made sure there was nothing sharp on it) and she LOVED it. So Tuesday we started with carrots. I'm not planning on doing a whole lot of purees... I just cut into Jade-sized pieces and steam and let her feed herself.  I like it because the 3 of us can sit at the table and eat together instead of one of us having to feed her before (or after) we eat our own dinner.

So far, carrots are not her thing. We'll move on to something else soon :)

I'm not gonna post her cute sticker picture yet because she has been most uncooperative and I haven't gotten a good one! I'm gonna keep trying with Chuck this weekend and I'll post it on Monday after her 6-month checkup with her stats.

But here are some pictures of her eating... we're about to buy a highchair, but so far we're just using the bumbo, which she has started trying to escape from haha.

She really liked that bone :) She realized that she could chew on it without holding onto it and just chomped on it while looking around for about 10 minutes. It looked like she was smoking a cigar. Chuck found it hilarious.

Carrots. Mmmm, yummy.

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