Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And she crawls...

Last night while I was cooking dinner, Chuck was playing with Jade on the floor in the living room. Jade was going after the dog bone (I can't wait to tell her about this when she's older and hear her go "eeeewwww") and instead of her normal scoot, she crawled. She did this several times, I ran to get the video camera, and then she stopped. But the below clip is just a little hint of what she was doing.

Surprisingly enough, she's mainly scooting again today and she's not getting into too much stuff. But I'm sure that will change soon enough.

We had Chuck's work Thanksgiving today and it was sooo yummy. Jade did really well while we were there... I gave her some of my ham and she was a big fan.

The weather's been kind of weird the last couple days... really warm, but all the leaves are finally changing colors and falling off so it looks like it should be cool out.

Friday night, we're driving to Birmingham to spend the week with my family (and friends in Columbus) and I'm super excited about that!

And to close... another clip of a fun thing Jade has been doing. She'll be perfectly happy if she can't see me, but if I come into the room and don't pick her up, she cries. It's wonderful.

The crying continued for a bit longer than this, but I'll spare you guys :)


Neil S said...

Very nice, thanks


Anna said...

Way to go Jade!! Can't wait till you all get here this weekend and we can watch her in person.