Monday, February 14, 2011

9 months.... again :)

Last Thursday, Jade went to the doctor. She has officially dropped off the bottom of the growth chart...

She now weighs 14 pounds, 10 ounces (was 12 pound 11 ounces at 6 months)
She is 26 inches tall (25 at 6 months)

The doctor wasn't overly concerned, but was concerned enough to want us to come back in a month to check her weight. Which I'm good with, but if she hasn't gained "enough" and the doctor starts acting really concerned I'm not sure what I'll do.

The thing is, Jade's perfectly healthy. She's developing fine. She eats- a LOT. If she wasn't eating or developing and didn't seem to feel well, I would worry. My neighbor worked in early intervention for a while and she said "Erin, I've seen babies that aren't healthy... Jade is fine".

AND, after doing some research into the growth charts, I found out that some doctors still use old growth charts that are based off formula-fed babies, which Jade is not. So when we go back in a month if she hasn't gained as much as the doctor wants her to, I have some questions to ask about their growth charts.

I just think family history (Chuck being 16 lbs at a year) and baby's development are more important than numbers on a piece of paper.

Anyways. I asked about dairy, and initially she said to wait until a year. But then she said that if I wanted to try cheese for a snack that I could do that. But I have to do that on a day that I can handle Jade screaming for 3 hours and I'm not sure when that day's going to come. Definitely not when Chuck is working 12 hour days, so we're gonna wait a bit even though I've been given the go-ahead.

Grinning at the dogs playing
Goofy face :)

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