Monday, February 14, 2011

Day at the park

Today was GORGEOUS and fairly warm, so my neighbor and I packed up the kiddos and headed to a local park. This was Jade's first time at a park and she had so much fun!

Just a couple highlights:

Crawling through a tunnel
"Not sure what I think of this mom"
"Ooo... I like it! Too bad the sun is in my eyes!"
Stinking her tongue out is fun...
"I really, really like it!!" 
Crawling away from mama... she went exploring!


Anna said...

Great pictures. Looks like she will enjoy the park this spring. I think she will like the swing she got for Christmas!!

Anna said...

I finally see those two little teeth!

DD4 said...

How cute! Maybe she'll need a little hat with a brim?

~e said...

Yeah, I brought her winter hat but it was warm enough that she didn't need it. She's outgrown her sun hat from last year so I'll have to buy her a new one!

Jessica said...

I like the adventure shots, especially the top one :)