Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An update in brief

For some reason, even though I feel relatively well rested, I don't seem to have the energy to write anything substantial about one subject. But I figured I would post anyways, so here's some of what's going on in our lives:

- We're currently working with a contractor on plans to have our laundry room remodeled. We have some mold and water damage, so we had to do something, but I think it's actually going to wind up being very nice and I can't wait for my washer and drier to be on the same wall! I'll be sure to post before and after pics.

- My good friend from church had her baby girl this morning! My neighbor watched Jade for me this afternoon and I headed to the hospital to meet her. It was so weird being in the same place that Jade was born! And she was soooo tiny, at just 5 lbs, 6 ozs. But just beautiful :)

- Jade's 9-month appt is Thursday. I've never been this anxious for one of her appointments. I've got so many questions for the doctor.

- Last week, Jade and I were both hit with a stomach virus. It was awful. She only threw up twice, thankfully, but I threw up 2 bazillion times and wound up in urgent care because I was so dehydrated. Chuck (as always) escaped without getting sick, and Jade and I are both feeling better, thankfully.

- We're in the throes of trying to night wean Jade. Nothing in any of the books has made a significant difference. I know she's old enough to not have to eat at night any more, and usually she's barely even eating, so I feel comfortable going this route. I generally only feed her once or twice (if I'm desperate) a night, but I figure if I remove all chances of her getting fed, maybe she won't wake up quite as much thinking "is this the time I get to eat??". So we'll see. Prayers would be appreciated :)

- I'm toying with the idea of doing a "day in the life" post. Just going through a typical day for Jade and I. I'm only thinking about it because in the past 2 weeks I've had several people say "what do you do all day?" Anyways, is that something you guys would be interested in?

- I've finally started running again enough to say "I'm running again" although I did hit a snag with the stomach virus. It's been very nice to have that stress reliever back in my life!

And because a post without pictures is boring, here's my baby girl when she wasn't feeling well. She was dragging her blanky everywhere (whereas it's normally just a sleep-time thing) and just kept randomly laying her head down. I felt so bad for her :(


~Hope said...

I'd love a day in the life...with lots of pics...this is me brushing my teeth*cheese*! Yea that would be fantastic!

Anna said...

As always, I love the pictures. You could just feel the blog with pictures, Ha!