Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Travelin' duo

Jade and I just got back from Nashville last night. It was a great trip, complete with meeting our group's newest addition, Baby Wendy. We went to the Parthenon in Nashville (yes, Nashville has a Parthenon), church, got ice cream (well, I did, not Jade), went to the Pancake Pantry, downtown Franklin and just hung our around daddy's apartment and Sallie's house. It was great to see family and friends.
My pancakes... yummy :) And yes, I ate them all!
Jade did GREAT. I cannot stress that enough. The first night was rough, but after that she napped well and only woke up a couple times a night. She was such a happy baby while we were there. I think she loved all the attention she was getting. Her and Sara Beth did so well together and she had fun exploring daddy's apartment. The park around the Parthenon has a playground and she got to swing again which she LOVED.

Zach and Sallie with Wendy and Georgia. Such a cute family :)
Mama got some time to herself with her Freds. I realize the term "freds" probably needs to be explained... but my Freds are beyond explanation :) Just know that they're my bestest buddies from high school. We kept in touch through college and still manage to keep in touch today even though we're a bit spread out. They're the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

Practicing her waving
Anyways, Jade did great with her Grandmama and Grandpapa to allow mama to get that time to herself and I see a date night in the future for Chuck and I. Which is nice, considering our 3rd kinda-versary is coming up. It'd be nice to get out for a bit.

My Freds with the two newest additions!
I realize this post might be convoluted, but I started it at 8 am and it's now 7 pm and I can't seem to make it any more coherent.

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