Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 months?!?

How did this happen? How did my baby girl go from this:

to this?

I'm not gonna lie... some of the days have been long. Very long. But the time overall has FLOWN by. The fact that we've booked a photographer for her one year photos.... that I have her one year well-child visit scheduled... that we're dedicating her in the church when she's one-year-old. All of those things seem so surreal, simply because they're not that far away.

This month has been great. Baby girl has finally started sleeping AND her personality is blooming. I feel like I'm getting to know her better every day. Instead of people at Target asking me "why won't your baby smile at me?" (to which my response was always: she doesn't like weird people), they're now saying "what a happy baby!" I must admit, it's a nice change.

She learned how to wave while we were in Nashville and she is doing it all the time now. Not always at the appropriate time, but waving nonetheless and it is so cute. She still claps a lot too, but is still fairly inconsistent with kisses.
The remote control distracted her from the whole sitting still thing...

She gets SUPER excited when Chuck gets home, but still initially does the "shy" face where she tries to hide a bit. We took her first trip to the playground this month. She loves the swings and enjoys crawling through the jungle gym, but still gets distracted by the pine straw and dirt.

She still eats pretty much anything I give her. Breakfast is her favorite meal. She's getting sick of bananas, but loves strawberries, grapes and clementines. She has quite the diverse palate for a 10-month-old. We go back to the doctor on the 11th to have her weight checked.

I expected her to be closer to walking by this point than she is. I've tried to see if she'll walk just holding onto one of my hands, but no go. She just plops down and starts crawling. At this point, I have no clue when she'll walk because she doesn't seem to be that determined to do it. She gets where she needs to go already. She has started walking behind her wagon, which is cool to watch. She gets so excited :)

She still loves to tear up and eat magazines. She has two teeth on bottom and one that's poking through on the top. We think she might be working on another one too.

She babbles a lot these days... but it's all "da da" or "a da". I'm not sure if she's made the connection between "dada" and Chuck yet. I thought she had once, but she says "dada" to everything so I really don't think so. It'll be nice when she figures that out... and starts saying some other things.

She had two babysitters at our house on Monday. They were the first people outside of family (and the neighbor for my quick 30 minute runs) to watch her. I had a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon and Jade did great with the girl from my church. The girl even sent me picture texts so that I would believe her :) Then that night, for our 3rd Kinda-versary, Chuck and I went out to dinner after Jade was asleep. Unfortunately, she woke up while we were gone (those pesky teeth) but the girl (another babysitter) was able to get her back to sleep, which is amazing. So it was a big day... going from '0' babysitters to '2' in one day.

We still go on walks a few times a week with the dogs. I always wear her on my back when we walk the dogs and she loves it. She babbles in my ear the entire time and gets really excited when other dogs walk by. Now that I'm running consistently again, she's in a stroller way more than she ever has been but she's starting to enjoy that a bit too. I finally got her out of the car seat, so she's facing out where she can see more than my huffing and puffing face, which I know she enjoys.

She can drink out of a straw very proficiently, but she still wants me to hold the cup! It seems so long ago that I couldn't get her to take a bottle. She's changing so fast! For snacks, she loves animal crackers and cheerios. I still haven't tried any dairy with her... I've decided to wait until she's closer to a year. No point in rushing anything in my opinion.

Look at those chubby legs!

This has been a great month and I can't wait to see what next month has in store for us :)

Close up :)

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See how fast time flies by. I told you!! In the blink of an eye...