Thursday, March 10, 2011

Picture post

Don't have much to say, just trying to keep posting a few things. Like I said, I do this mostly for me... so that one day I can look back and have a decent log of what my life was like as a stay at home mama to one baby and two furbabies.

But I snapped a few pictures of Miss Jade the other day that I loved... and I thought you guys (at least the grandparents!) would love them too.

Playing in her room
What happens when I try to take pictures of her discretely

My favorite

Talking to Curious George

Kissing (biting) Curious George


Anna said...

I can't get over how fast her hair is growing now. You'll be able to get a bow/barrette in it soon--about the same time I got one in yours. She looks like she was having a good time with Curious George.

~e said...

The problem is that her hair is only growing in the back... the front is growing, but VERY slowly. So we'll see :)