Thursday, April 7, 2011

First word!

So it's pathetic that I'm posting this from my phone, but it's better than nothing. My laptop is upstairs and I am too lazy to go get it. How's that for honesty?

But I've been putting this post off for a few days already, so I figure this is better than nothing!

Tuesday, Jade pointed at Belle, looked at me, and said "doggy" plain as day. She's been saying it for a while, but it was just part of random babble and never when looking at (or even around) the dogs.

But when she pointed... Well yeah, I declare it. First word = doggy.

And because a post without pictures is boring- here's a couple from my phone.

Playing with the dogs leashes in the driveway.

I love her little legs!

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1 comment:

Anna said...

This is so funny. If I remember right, Sara Beth's first word was Holly. Go figure...