Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mama's going on a trip!

Tomorrow morning, myself and the other women from my church are loading up and going to Richmond for a conference. This will be the first time I've left Jade for more than about 4 hours and I'm super nervous! Yes, I know she will be fine. But that doesn't mean I'm not nervous!

We'll be gone from early tomorrow morning until about 5 pm on Saturday. Chuck was able to take off work tomorrow so that he can stay home with Jade, so that certainly made the decision to go easier.

BUT, it just hit me today that I'm going to have to pump in public places. Don't know why I was thinking I would be able to pump in my hotel room, but that just won't be possible with the conference schedule. And I'm not sure why, but this terrifies me. I've never pumped anywhere but my house. As a stay at home mama with a kid who took a bottle, I just haven't needed to pump anywhere else. So yeah. I'm not excited about that.

But I am excited about the trip. So pray for me... that I will grow in my relationship with God and with the other women at my church. And pray for Chuck and Jade :)

I just realized that 1. I haven't posted an update on the laundry room and 2. I haven't taken any pictures of my kid lately.

So I will get on that. Promise.

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Anna said...

Very excited for you and your trip. I know Chuck and Jade will do just fine. Have a great time.