Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laundry room: week one

It is amazing how quickly these guys work. This week, they have cut off and capped our old pipes, put pipes in where the new washer is going to be, bricked in the exterior door, put the new dryer vent in, removed all the walls, added insulation, and I'm sure many other things I know nothing about.

Everything has been approved by the city- one day, we had the electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, and mechanical inspection.

This weekend, they put up the new drywall. We have some more electrical work to do- we're going to take out the light fixture on the ceiling and put up 2 instead. After that's done, the tiling will begin and then the cabinets!

Here are some updated pictures (obviously, these were taken before the drywall was added):

Looking into the room from the kitchen.
Where the washer used to be.
Where the washer used to be- no more mold!
View of the room when you're looking into the kitchen.
Where the new washer and dryer are going.

The door to the garage.

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Anna said...

Know you are excited--and ready to see the finished product. Keep the pictures coming.