Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eight days a week...

*quick apology for the formatting- the spacing/fonts are all messed up. It's driving me crazy but every time I try to fix it, it just makes it worse so I'm leaving it alone now!!*

I mentioned quite a while ago that I wanted to do a "typical day" post. So here you go. I will admit that around noon, the day went to crap and I considered picking another day that was more normal. But, well, that's life. And this post is about typical life.

5:30- Jade starts making noises. I groan and roll over. Chuck turns the monitor off. I turn it on 5 minutes later: silence. Yay.

6:00- My alarm goes off. I ask Chuck if he minds if I go downstairs. He says no. We confirm that he is "in charge" until 6:30. I head downstairs and hear Jade waking up as I walk down the stairs. She used to sleep until 7. Not sure what is going on. I make my breakfast and sit down with my Bible. I find that I am a much better mom/person if I get this alone time before interacting with anyone else.
Yummy breakfast with tea.

6:30- I head upstairs, get Jade from Chuck, and he goes to take a shower. Jade nurses for about 30 minutes, confirming that she is very tired... she never nurses for that long anymore. I decide that I'll go for an early morning run and see if she'll fall asleep.

7:15- Jade and I head out for our run. We got home around 8 and she's still awake. Oh well. I give her breakfast, which lately is the only meal that I can be sure she will eat. She loves eggs and sausage! But today, she didn't eat everything at breakfast for the first time ever. Poor kid is having some allergy issues and I think it's effecting her sleep AND her eating. No good.

Her breakfast- sausage, eggs, and english muffin with apple sauce. Today she only ate about half,
but she normally cleans house!

9:00- I clean up breakfast, and then attempt to convince Jade it will be fun to play by herself in her 
room and jump in the shower. She fusses the whole time, but no screaming which is good. 

- We head out the house to go to Costco. When I get there, she is passed out. Normally when she falls asleep in the car, she wakes up when we stop, but not this time. I sit in the backseat and play games on my phone for about 20 minutes until she wakes up.
Sleeping HARD in the car!
11:00- I decide in the checkout line that we will be eating Costco food for lunch- Jade gets a hot dog and eats about half of it, which is better than she's been doing. We head home- on the way I stop by a friend's house and dropped off the stuff for the college ministry I had picked up. When I get home, 10 minutes later, Jade's asleep. Which essentially assures nap failure.

12:00- We play in her room for a bit, then I turn the lights off, close the curtains and blinds, and nurse her for a bit. This begins the hour from hell. We are transitioning from two naps to one and up until yesterday it was going well. Not so much anymore. Today, every time I tried to put her down she freaked out and screamed uncontrollably. I went back in periodically and never could get her calmed down. Finally I gave up and laid down with her as a last ditch effort. This used to ALWAYS work but doesn't normally anymore. I suppose it did today- but she only slept about 30 minutes and woke up extremely grumpy.
Playing in her room before her nap.
Such a happy kid after her "nap"

All better.

2:00ish- I throw diapers in the washer, get Jade's clothes out of the dryer and go upstairs to put them away. Then we head to the post office and grocery store. It's pretty close by so I try to walk when I don't have to get to much stuff. I put her in the stroller (as opposed to wearing her) so that I'll have somewhere to put the groceries. I walk by the chiropractor office and decide to stop in to make an appointment because I keep forgetting to call. I got lucky and they were able to take us right then! I always feel better after an adjustment. Jade also had some issues with her neck... the doc said that he thinks this will help her body handle the allergies- she was all stopped up apparently.

She wants to throw the clean clothes on the floor!

- We get home and play outside for a bit. The neighbor gets her son from the bus stop around 3:30 and we usually go over and chat with them for a while. Jade crawls around, eats dirt, etc. Anything to keep her occupied.
On a mission!

Playing with her bucket.

Dirt is fun!
 4:00- She crawls over to me, lays her head down on my lap and starts rubbing her eyes. There is no way she's going to make it until seven. We head inside about 15 minutes later and I go ahead and give her a bath since she's disgusting from dumping dirt from her bucket onto her head.
So tired she's not really enjoying bath time. 
It's not too bad though!
4:45- Bath is over. I get her dinner ready and go ahead and feed her. I feel crazy for putting her to bed this early, but she is obviously exhausted and she's gotten to the "overtired" point and I think going to bed early will actually help things. At least I hope so!

5:15- Put her in bed and pray she stays there :) I go downstairs and eat my dinner sitting in front of the tv, then clean up the kitchen. Chuck should be home soon-ish.

6:15- Chuck gets home and we hang out until the roof guy gets to the house.

7:00- We have a guy come out to give us an estimate on replacing our roof. The joys of home ownership!

8:00- He leaves- yay! We watch TV, talk a bit, and I head to bed around 9:30. Chuck normally stays up, then falls asleep on the couch and joins me in bed sometime after midnight :)

So that's it- that was my day! In a sense, I feel like I accomplished nothing. I didn't vacuum anything today, which means extra tomorrow. But hey, sometimes that's just the way things happen...


Anna said...

Sounds like a "normal" day with a little person. I assume she stayed down for the night. Hallelujah for that. Can't wait till the weekend.

Hope said...

Are you kidding? It sounds like you accomplished a LOT! I don't accomplish half that much at work some days...and I get paid for it! LOL