Sunday, May 8, 2011

One year!!

I know this post is really late and I haven't posted in way too long, but I think it's ok because, really, what better day to write about my baby's first year than Mother's Day?

April the 28th, Jade turned ONE. We had her party the Saturday before with both sets of grandparents and a couple of the neighbors. That night, we had her dedicated in the church, which was a sweet moment to be able to share with our families.

This past month has been so much fun. She now says "dog/doggy", "Zoe", and "Belle". None of them very consistently, but "dog" is the most frequent. Just a couple days ago (so I guess technically she was already one, but oh well), she pointed at me and said "mama" which made me really happy. But then she pointed at her book and said "mama" so I suppose we still have a while to go!

The girl still loves to eat. She's gotten a bit pickier and has decided she doesn't like chicken, but she still devours breakfast every morning and impresses everyone she comes across with her eating skills. We get comments every time we go out to eat on how well she does with food and how much she eats.

We're still sticking with no dairy because her tummy just doesn't handle it well, but I have started giving her a cup of soy milk once a day now. She's still nursing 4 times a day, but I plan to wean sometime this summer and figure this might make the transition a little easier on her. The first day I gave it to her she was not a fan, but now she really seems to like it.

She sleeps through the night consistently. She sleeps through the night consistently. Sorry, I had to type that twice because it still excites me so much! Last month, we had to go in her room in the middle of the night ONE TIME. Most days, she also naps well. She's still napping at 9 and 1 for about an hour. For a week, she decided she just needed one nap a day but now she's back to two. Not sure when that transition will take place.

She is completely physically capable of walking, she's just too cautious to try. She will stand up and hold onto her cup with both hands to drink her water, will stand and clap, etc.... but when it's time to move, she's crawling. I know she'll get there soon so I'm certainly not pushing it.

She is still pointing all the time, but she has remembered that she knows how to clap (when she first learned to point it was apparently too much fun and clapping took a back burner), so now she's pointing, clapping and waving.

She has this new adorable smile where she crinkles up her nose and eyes because she's grinning so big. I love it.

She's still in her Carter's 6-9 months clothes and Old Navy/Gymboree 6-12 months. The Carter's 12 month tops fit ok, but the pants just fall off... even with the fluffy cloth booty. She's also still in her 3-6 month shoes. I put a pair of 6-9 month sandals on her and her toes didn't even reach the front strap. I guess it'll be a while!

"I don't need this anymore."
At her 12-month appt, she was 16 pounds, 6 ounces and 27 inches long. She's still off the bottom of the charts on both height and weight and around the 25% for head circumference. The doctor still shows concern. I'm still not worried. Looking for a new pediatrician soon :)

The last year hasn't always been fun... some days were downright awful. But overall, it was definitely the best year of my life. I am amazed every day by how much I love this little girl and I can't wait to see what she becomes. One thing that's remained consistent from the day she was born until now is her stubbornness, so Chuck and I pray that she will be stubborn in righteous things because that can take a person a long way.

I thought this one deserved to be super big :)


Anna said...

Super, super cute pictures. Can't wait to see her walking.

Kristin Roberts said...

I love this whole post! I can't decide if I like the very first pic or the very last one best. She is sooo cute! I'm so glad that she's sleeping so much better. And amen to her hopefully having the right kind of stubbornness :)

Sallie V said...

YAY! I love this post, too! And I agree with Kristin about the pictures. Time really does fly...