Thursday, May 12, 2011

Laundry room: in progress

We've had SO much going on lately. The laundry room is officially done, but I wanted to post some in progress pics before posting the "final product" pics. Sorry for the ridiculous delay... I am trying to get better with posting regularly!

The project itself took 3 weeks. I managed to get away with only going to the laundromat twice. Not something that I miss from my college days...

The contractor was awesome to work with. Chuck is a bit, uh... picky? Let's just say that he knows what he wants. Exactly. We had a bazillion emails and phone calls back and forth and they were patient with us the entire time and helped us to make sure that we got exactly what we wanted. Of course, we paid for it, but ya know...

This is where we left off. After that, they put up the drywall and installed the floor, and then the cabinets came and then they painted. They ripped out the brick stairs and built wooden ones. I know I'm forgetting tons of stuff, but here are the photos to make up for what I'm leaving out.

Drywall installed.

No more mold where the washer was!

Tile installed.

Beginning of the cabinet install.

More of the cabinets.

No more brick stairs inside my house!!
I'm now gonna leave you guys hanging. Can't give you everything at once :)

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