Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laundry room: finished product

Just wanted to post real-quick and share the final pictures of the laundry room. This is before we moved everything in... honestly we still haven't finished that process. With Chuck out of town I'm just proud the house isn't a disaster- the laundry room can come later!

Anyways, it is so nice to have a good space- I can let Jade come in there while I'm moving stuff from the washer to dryer without worrying about the mold and the wet floors. And it's much prettier :)

First, remember what we started with: very little storage, scary yellow walls, washer and dryer on different walls, stupid quote, ugly floor with water underneath it from the leaking washer:

And now:

Much better, right?

We now have cabinets on both sides of the stairs- and they're deep! We no longer have to store excess paper towels and toilet paper (I shop at Costco) in the garage!!

And no more brick stairs. Ah. So nice.

Should I have cleaned before taking these pictures? Most people probably would have. But I pride myself on giving you guys an accurate view of my life :)


Meg said...

Looks great! We're building a cabinet for our washer and dryer (at our current house) right now too. (All in the name of getting it sold and addressing buyers' comments....). But I haven't started to really think about what to do with the laundry room at our new house. I love your cabinets though - looks very functional!

~e said...

The cabinets to the side of the stairs are incredibly functional. The ones above the washer and dryer really aren't for everyday use... but are great for storing things. That's why the step ladder was in there- so we could step up to put things in there. I love it though! And I love the baskets instead of drawers... I think it looks cute and is a bit easier. Anyways you have LOTS of decisions to make because you're doing a whole house. That would be overwhelming!!