Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trip to DC

A few weeks ago, Chuck had to go to DC for a couple weeks for work. We thought it would be fun if Jade and I drove up Friday night and we spent the weekend being tourists.

Turns out Jade doesn't really like museums (big shocker), but overall it was a great weekend and it was nice to break up the monotony of being at home with just the two of us. It was also really cute to see how excited Jade got when she saw Chuck when we first got up there :)

Here are a few photos from the trip. Honestly, I didn't take very many. I've been to DC before and taken hundreds of pictures of all the memorials and they haven't changed... and they're boring pictures. And museums also don't make for interesting pictures. So yeah, just took a few to document Jade's first trip to our nation's capital.

She had no desire to sit in her stroller to wait for the metro... so here she is practicing walking with daddy.

And a close up :)

In front of the White House. Oddly, she did not seem impressed.

This is what she thought of the Washington Monument. 

And I took her on the carousel, completely convinced she would love it. She was uh... quite chill. Haha. I liked it though! And at least she wasn't screaming.

I have a couple posts coming up... Jade is 13 months old today! And I was 13 weeks pregnant yesterday. I plan to do weekly pregnancy post (including belly shots) again. So you should be seeing those sometime soon.

Hope you're having a great Memorial Day weekend!


Kristin Roberts said...

This post was great for multiple reasons. First, I always love picturs of Jade. And I love your captions about how unimpressed she was. And I particularly enjoyed the carousel picture b/c it almost looks like you are just a teenager babysitting someone's kid b/c you look so young in that photo :)

and speaking of baby #2, it seems this blog is going to need a new name soon!

Anna said...

Jade looks very proud of her walking ability. Also, love the picture on the carousel.