Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The rumors are true...

Jade's gonna be a big sister!

And while this was quite a large shock, I'm slowly warming up to the idea of having 2 babies in the house at once :) People do it and survive all the time, right?

One thing that does have me really excited about this baby is that I've switched care providers from an OB to a midwife. The midwifery center that I'm going to is attached to a hospital, so I have the peace of mind of knowing that doctors that can perform surgery are right there, but I get to stay in a room with a queen-sized bed, hot tub, and staff that totally supports my desire for natural labor.

Immediately at my first appointment, I noticed a difference with this practice. First, at your first appointment (with my OB and the midwife) I was given a bag of information... things to avoid during pregnancy, how to pick a pediatrician, prenatal vitamin samples, etc. At my OBs office I was also given formula samples and my bag had a big "Enfamil" label on the side of it. None of that at the midwifery center. I later learned that the breastfeeding rate at the midwifery center is NINETY-EIGHT percent. 98. That's huge. That's the way it should be. When I was working with the lactation consultant at the hospital I birthed Jade at, I asked her how many people breastfed there and she said about half. Now that's not an exact statistic, but it just really makes me happy that DePaul is so supportive of breastfeeding that they don't cloud your judgment by passing out formula samples.

The other thing that made me really happy at my appointment was that they had posters for babywearing from This website is an amazing resource for information on safe and correct babywearing and to see them advertised just made me so happy!

I hope this post doesn't come across the wrong way... that I'm not happy to be having another baby. The truth is, it's been an adjustment. But I know that this baby is my baby and that I will love them just as much as I love Jade and that it will truly be fun to watch the two of them grow up together. 

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DD4 said...

Congratulations! You'll do just fine.

I sure enjoy the photos you post!