Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun with friends!

Last week, my good friend Leah and her husband Caleb came to visit. They did some stuff on their own, but Wednesday Jade and I went to the beach with them, Friday we went to the outlets in Williamsburg and Saturday we all went "hiking" and had a picnic.

It was so nice to have a distraction from our normal day-to-day stuff. That and it's always awesome to see my friends! I miss them :)

Here are some pictures to document their visit:
Jade really does just love the dogs.

Love this picture.

Kid doesn't know how to smile for the camera :)

Leah and Caleb at VA Beach.

Jade and I at VA Beach.

The longest she's ever kept sunglasses on- 30 seconds.

As close as she would get to the water before I had to pick her up.

Leah hanging out with the dogs while Chuck and I were getting Jade ready.

This was after Jade had decided she was done with the carrier. First on daddy's back, then mama's front... good thing the shoulders are always an option :) Poor thing just prefers the woven wrap, but I was hoping that Chuck could wear her instead of me. Oh well!

Happy couple :)

Yay for family.

Jade "walking" Belle.

Ok, that was a lot of pictures! Oh well- it was so good to have them here! I can't wait to see Leah again in just a few weeks!

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Kristin Roberts said...

YAY! That looks like lots of fun! :)