Monday, March 26, 2012

Piper grows up- 3 & 4 months

Piper girl-

Mama apologizes that you didn't have a dedicated letter for 3 months. Rest assured that mama and daddy had a life long before you remember your life and that life got ridiculously busy and in trying to actually enjoy it, I didn't have time to document it.

The last two months of your life have been quite busy. Your great-grandpa passed away and as a result of that, you took your first road trip. You were able to meet your Auntie Beth and Uncle Chris and Grandpa B. Everyone was so happy to meet you and you just smiled and cooed and talked to everyone, which was so much fun.

We also found out that we're moving. You don't actually care at this point in time, but it makes my mama heart a little sad that you won't remember anything about Virginia. I doubt your sister will either, but we have tons of pictures of her doing things here that she'll be able to see later. You, on the other hand, will only be 6 months old when we leave and haven't exactly done a whole lot of fun activities. Well, you're there, but you're just hanging out in your carseat or the ring sling :)

The older you get, the more easygoing and happy you become. You enjoy playing on your activity mat and are just starting to reach out to grab those fun toys. You love to stand up on mama or daddy's lap and talk to us. You are such a social, fun baby and our little conversations always bring a smile to my heart.

You decided to stop rolling over for almost a month, but started again yesterday. You're also getting fairly close to rolling from back to belly, but your arm keeps getting in the way and I don't think you're quite aware that it's attached to you yet :)

You still just love your sister. Jade will come up and say "Hi Piper" and you give her the biggest smile. It is so sweet to watch and I cannot wait to see the two of you become best friends and have fun adventures together.

We went to the doctor today and discovered that you are still fairly average (huge for our family!)
Weight: 13 pounds, 3 ounces- 50% (compared to Jade being 12 lbs, 2 ozs)
Height: 24 inches- right below 50% (same as Jade)
Head circumference: 16 inches- right below 50% (don't know what Jade was)

You are wearing the same clothes your sister was when she was crawling around, and I'll admit it's a little strange for me. I keep expecting you to move!

I love you so much Piper girl and it's really been a great couple months. We have a lot in store the next few months as well with company coming to town and the move coming! It'll be crazy good :)

lots of love,

3 months:

With no one close by

With mama close by

My favorite- the photo shoot wore her out :)

And 4 months:


Kristin Roberts said...

Those pictures are SOO cute!! Love that smile! :)

Jessica Ilsen said...

love her so much already, don't know when it will be but I can't wait to finally meet her! As much as I know it works this way I still can't believe how quickly she is growing up! :)

Anna said...

Beautiful pictures!