Friday, October 5, 2012


Two months ago, if you had asked me if my girls looked alike I would have said "absolutely not. Jade looks like me and Piper looks like Chuck." Then I started to notice some things. Mainly, that Piper didn't look that much like Chuck. And then I started to look at old pictures of Jade. And let me just say, I was wrong. Very wrong. They look a LOT alike.

First, I just want to say that I know a lot of people think that Jade looks like Chuck. And while I'm not saying that she doesn't, I'm saying that she looks a lot like me and I don't think Chuck and I really look alike... so yeah. Not sure what that means, other than you can think what you want to think, but this is what I think :)

Their eyes and mouths are shaped a little differently, but sometimes Piper looks at me and I think "holy smokes, that's Jade." Chuck and I have started writing dates on the back of pictures... and realized that moving a lot will have advantages because if it's a baby in Oklahoma, it's Piper... if it's a baby in Virginia, it's Jade. That'll help :)


Kristin Roberts said...

haha love this post! I've noticed that too - they look more alike the older Piper gets. I think the main difference is in the eyes - I see your eyes in Jade and Chuck's eyes in Piper. They're both so cute!!! :)

Kristin Roberts said...

btw.. at first glance that picture of Piper looks like she's running away afraid of the giant dog behind her. ahahaha