Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's 10:15 at night, and although for most people that's not very late, for me it is. Pathetic, I know. Pathetic or not, I'm tired but didn't want to go to bed without posting some pictures from halloween.

Yesterday was Jade's first time trick or treating. Last year, she did a trunk or treat at our church but didn't even know what candy was and just chewed on the outside of the packages because they made fun crinkly noises. The actual night of halloween, I just let her pass out candy with me, which she had fun with.

But man, did she love trick or treating yesterday. I really didn't expect to go to very many houses- she was walking and I thought she would get tired, or cold, or something, but after about the 8th house she said "I LIKE trick or treating" in this really excited voice and we just couldn't turn around. I honestly don't know that she's ever volunteered information that she likes something. I generally have to prompt her: "Jade, was that fun?" "Yes mama, lots of fun." But "I LIKE trick or treating" was all on her own.

She was super brave and would even go up to houses by herself if there were other kids there. If she had to knock on the door, mama or daddy had to go with her because she can't quite knock loudly enough :)

This year, the girls were a butterfly and a ladybug. I enjoyed deciding what they would be and just being able to tell Jade "you're gonna be a butterfly!" with an excited voice so that she would think it was the best thing ever. I don't expect it to work again next year.

Oh, and Piper was just along for the ride last night. Chuck didn't want me to wear her because "no one will be able to tell she's a ladybug", so he carried her the whole way crazy guy.

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Kristin Roberts said...

that is the cutest little lady bug and butterfly I've ever seen!!! I miss them!!