Monday, November 5, 2012

Miss Jade- age 2.5

Ok, I know I already wrote a letter but I have to do this too :)

*Talks all.the.time. All the time.

*Goes through phases where she absolutely hates the bath. I realize hate is a strong word, but it might not be strong enough. Despise, maybe? She screams bloody murder like we're trying to kill her and then two weeks later she loves it again. Makes no sense.

First day of MDO

*Just started actually pretending to be the person she's dressed up as. If she's in her Rapunzel dress, she insists I call her Rapunzel and not Jade.

*We listened to the same CD in the car for about 3 months- Veggie Tales Lyle the Kindly Viking. So glad we've moved past that one.

*Is now rear-facing in her carseat again. She doesn't seem to mind and mama feels much better about how safe she is.

*Has a tricycle (that has a push handle) that she can pedal herself, although she still needs some help steering.

*Loves to take care of and wear her baby dolls.

*Can say her bedtime prayer (from this book) and her mealtime prayer all by herself.

*Fully thinks a band-aid and kiss from mom fixes every booboo.

*Hates slides. Hates. We're working on being brave and how it's ok to be scared but we still have to try. It's not a fun process.

Wearing a leotard for the first time. We couldn't get her to put the book down :)

*Loves to walk Belle.

*Is doing really well with potty training. She still sleeps in pull ups, but the rest of the time she's in underwear. I wouldn't call her "done" but she's doing a whole lot better than I anticipated.

*She still asks me what I'm doing pretty consistently, although not as much as when she turned two. She mostly now will just say "Mama, mama, mama" over and over for no reason.

*Can get herself fully dressed, although she still needs help sometimes.

*Is learning what we do on different days of the week. Monday is MDO, Tuesday gymnastics, etc.

*Is very shy/skeptical of strangers but has no problems going into childcare.

*Very possessive of Piper. If someone else (other than me or Chuck) is holding her, she gets upset.

*Beyond picky. She eats either oatmeal or cereal with yogurt for breakfast every day. Sandwich with fruit and maybe apple sauce or cheese for lunch. And for dinner, she basically never eats. It doesn't matter what I make, if it's something she liked the week/month/whatever before, the second she sees it she says "no, I don't like it" and pushes it away. I have completely given up on it because even when I make things she does like, half the time she refuses to eat it. We make her sit at the table with us while we eat so that she doesn't think meal time is play time, but I'm not going to make her eat because honestly it just isn't worth the energy and fight. Obviously, she's not that hungry. She's been like this for about a year now and I just pray that eventually she grows out of it because it truly drives me crazy.

*Knows all her letters and the sound they make.

*Has officially been declared left-handed like her mama (pretty sure I knew this when she turned 2, but I didn't write it down).

*Can finally jump, and can do a pretty awesome forward roll thanks to gymnastics.

I love this kid :)


Kristin Roberts said...

Love this post! She's growing into such an awesome little person :) And kudos to her on all the letters and letter sounds. there are SO many kindergartners who have not mastered that yet..

Pamela said...

So much fun to read this. She's totally adorable. When my daughter was young we finally hid "The Doughnut Man" cd. My daughters can still sing those songs. I kinda wish I had it to give to their children. Ha!