Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Piper grows up- 1 year

Piper girl,

I find myself unexpectedly sentimental as I sit to write this letter. I'm not sure if it's because you're the second kid or what, but I am much more aware this time. Trying to soak it in, savor it. You are, unfortunately, very sick at the moment. You have a ridiculously bad cold and an ear infection in both ears and have cried and coughed so much in the last few days that your voice is hoarse and scratchy. It breaks my mama heart to see you like this, but it has given me the chance to cuddle with you so much more than normal and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it. Although I will admit that when I've rocked you for an hour and you still scream the second I put you down, I don't enjoy that.

Yesterday, you turned one. It feels like you have been a part of our family forever, and I cannot picture myself without you. So much has happened in your short life that it makes it feel like you've always been here. We went to Indiana, then to Georgia and Alabama, and then moved to Oklahoma and lived in a hotel for a ridiculously long 5 weeks. You have changed so much just in the 5 months we've lived here- going from not being able to sit up by yourself to on the verge of walking. You used to hate being worn and now you love it. You have such a fun little personality. You love to dance and love to laugh. I hope that you never lose your fun-loving personality.

You have very recently started doing a very ridiculously cute head swaying as part of your dancing and it cracks me up every time. If your sister laughs, you laugh and you get so excited when she crawls around and you can follow her. She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" to you whenever you're crying, and the majority of the time, it gets you to calm down. You love your sister.

They all love you at the church nursery and at MOPS because they say you are super easy going and lots of fun. Apparently, you also share your toys with the other babies, which I find adorable. They also commented that you love music and actually pat your legs to the beat of the music, which is "very impressive". That proves that you are your daddy's baby, because sometimes mama still can't find the beat.

You have taken a few unassisted steps, and I know that if you wanted to walk, you could, but you are choosing not to. I did not expect you to be so cautious, but I am not complaining. At this rate, you'll walk around the same time your sister did and be really good at it when you start, which saves mama lots of headaches chasing you around and picking you up when you fall!

We took you to the doctor yesterday. It was supposed to be your well-child visit, but became a sick-child one. You were right at 19 pounds fully clothed. You still have plenty of room to grow in your 9-12 month clothes, and could probably wear 6-9 month pants if it weren't for the cloth diapers. Apparently you have short legs and a longer torso :) You have little feet like the rest of the family, and have plenty of room in your 3-6 month robeez.

You love to eat- even with this cold, your appetite has not waned. You're not huge on chicken, but like other meats just fine. You pretty much eat whatever I put in front of you, although you like fruit the most- grapes the most of all. You still nurse all the time and I know that we're nowhere close to weaning, and I'm just fine with that.

You are waving and clapping consistently, but are still working on pointing. You still only say "mama" consistently, and basically never say it unless you're crying and want me. Your daddy and I both heard you say "Jade" once, but haven't heard it again. As much as your sister talks, I'm not pushing you to talk more. I encourage it, of course, but you talk all the time even though you're not using real words. You manage to get your point across, and that's good enough for me for now.

We all love you so much, sweet girl. You bring a smile to my face constantly and I can't wait to see what's in store for you.

Lots of love,

1-year stats:
Weight- 19 lbs 4 ozs- 19%
Height- 29 inches- 28%

Compared to Jade.

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