Thursday, March 7, 2013

Teaching your kids the Word

Growing up, I didn't really memorize scripture. There are plenty of verses that I can finish for you if you start them, but if you just give me the reference, I generally won't know it.

This is something I am not proud of and am trying to fix. But I have realized that it's incredibly hard for me to remember new things. I truly wish I had a delete button for my brain- I know many things I don't need to know and can't remember new things I want to know!

But one of the things that I have learned since having kids is that their brains are like sponges. I am *amazed* at some of the things that Jade remembers. So I realized I needed to get to "work" on her scripture memorization. I want His Word to be the thing that she can't delete from her brain!

I can't remember what blog referred me to Truthcards, but I am so grateful. I bought them almost a year ago but didn't really do anything with them until last month. So far, Jade has learned three verses and she's gonna pick out a new one today. 

It's such a simple concept- they just have a picture on the front, along with one word, and the verse on the back. So far, Jade's picked out all of her verses by flipping through the cards and picking the picture she likes. She's learned the "butterfly verse", "share verse" and the "snowman verse". These aren't necessarily the verses I would have chosen for her to learn, but she picks them and she's happy, so I'm happy!

All I do is read the verses to her while we're at the table eating. So far, she won't practice with me at all- she just wants me to read it over and over until one day she says "no, I'll say it" and proceeds to say the whole thing. 

So, if you're looking for a way to teach scripture to your kids, definitely look into truthcards!

I know she's hard to hear, but she is reciting 2 Corinthians 5:17, Luke 3:11 and Psalm 51:7

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