Thursday, March 18, 2010

32 weeks

Friday the 12th I hit 32 weeks. It's crazy to me that I'm just 8 weeks away from my EDD (estimated due date). That in 6 weeks, Baby will be considered full term. I decided to steal something from a friend's blog for this week's update.

Pregnancy: 32 weeks {photo taken at 32 weeks 4 days}

Sleep: I'm still sleeping great. It takes me a little longer to get comfortable and I wake up at least 2 times a night to pee, but I fall back asleep quickly and feel pretty good until about 1 in the afternoon... at which point I take a nap :)

Gender: Unknown

Name: For all of you wondering if Chuck and I have decided on a name, the answer is no, we have not. I have decided on names, but he doesn't appear to share my conviction. Hopefully the baby will have a name when it comes home. Seriously.

Feeling: Honestly? Everything hurts. Joints feel all achy. Swelling started after the road trip home for the baby shower. Wedding rings are officially on a chain around my neck. I had to buy a new pair of shoes because even my Chacos were too tight. Heartburn/reflux is consistently getting worse. BUT I'm trying not to complain too much because I know everything will get worse and that soon I will look on these days and think "if only I had known how good I had it". So that's what I'm trying to tell myself. That I have it good.

Health: Everything is still on track. Baby's heart rate is good. My blood pressure is good. Weight gain is consistent... I think it's too much, but doctor is not concerned so I just try to keep telling myself that it's fine. Doctor checked for me and he thinks baby is head down, so that's good. Now if it will just stay there!

Movement: I've definitely started feeling Baby more throughout the day, but the most active time is when I lay down to go to sleep. My stomach looks like an alien is inside of it. No lie.

Belly: No stretch marks. Yet. I'm not naive enough to think that they might not show up later. Especially considering how big I'm getting. Linea nigra is faint below and around the belly button. Some days it's darker, some it's lighter. Kind of strange.

Next Appointment: Monday the 29th. I start going every week at 36 weeks.

The nursery still has a long way to go. The excuses are a mile long, but ultimately I hope to make major progress this weekend. Feel free to send good vibes our way :)

Saturday we have a dog trainer coming to the house to help me with walking the dogs. I am SUPER EXCITED because this lady trained with The Dog Whisperer. How cool is that? The goal is to be able to walk them with their leashes tied to my waist or the stroller after the baby comes and have NO pulling. A bonus would be getting the dogs to realize that there is a difference in Pets Mart and the Vet and the dog park... they do not get to play with every dog everywhere we go. Oh yeah, and stop losing their minds when the doorbell rings. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

WOW, you are so beautiful! I love your updates and I really appreciate your time and efforts in keeping us posted on your happenings! We are so excited and happy for the "blessings of joy" to arrive. Con mucho amo, tu mama y papa benbow

~e said...

Aww yay a comment! Thanks guys!!