Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a great weekend

This past Wednesday, Chuck and I left at 9 pm and drove all night to make it to Trussville. We then slept half the day Thursday and felt fully refreshed. All in all, I think driving all night was way better than driving during the day. Of course, I got the easy part. Chuck got to drive through snow with all the semis while I was sleeping, haha.

Overall, the shower was amazing. We had about 20 people come, including my Freds and their mom's from Columbus and family from Montgomery, Columbus and Auburn. I was blown away by how much stuff we got for Baby... it will certainly make things easier and cheaper for us!!

So here's a quick rundown of the gifts:
-high chair
-diaper bag
-waterproof mattress pad
-bathtub and towels, shampoo, soap, etc
-Boppy and boppy cover
-Ear thermometer
-3 hand-made blankets
-Diaper genie
-2 books
-crib sheets
-and about a bazillion onesies, receiving blankets and burp cloths

Awesome, huh? That of course is not including the 3 pairs of identical rattle socks, haha. We also got several gift cards to help us buy the rest of the stuff. AND we have another shower on April 10th, thrown by the marvelous ladies at our church here.

While we were home, we also got to go to Chili's for Leah's birthday AND I got to go to Sara Beth's birthday party. You couldn't ask for a more productive weekend :) All in all, living in Virginia is certainly easier than living in Alaska. I've already seen family and friends 3 times since moving here in June. Of course, it helps that I don't have a job, haha.

Now we get to start planning for all of the visits this summer for everyone to come and see Baby!!

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