Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doggie Dynamics

This morning, the dog trainer and her husband came over to help Chuck and I with some of the issues we've been having with the furbabies.

Apparently, I've been lying for a while... because she didn't train with The Dog Whisperer. She trained with someone that trained with The Dog Whisperer. Haha. I guess the girl that gave me Michelle's information was a bit confused. Either way, it was definitely the same techniques that Cesar uses so I don't feel gipped.

We didn't leave the front yard with either of the dogs and they are still passed out like we went on a 5-mile run. It's amazing to me how much the psychological exercise can wear them out as well. Just to prove my point... they haven't moved in about 3 hours:

What we did was very simple really. Her husband went outside and rang the doorbell a couple times and we practiced having the dogs great people WITH MANNERS instead of jumping and licking them. Then we went outside, first with Zoe, then with Belle and just walked around the frontyard with them always being behind or beside us. Which is what I've been attempting to do for the last 3 months. I think what I realized most is that I didn't have quite enough patience.

They brought one of their dogs with them and we also practiced our dogs ignoring that dog, which was a challenge for both of them because they always want to play when they see another dog.

Tomorrow, I have grooming appointments at PetsMart for both of them and Michelle is going with me which I am so grateful for. PetsMart and the vet are 2 of the hardest things I deal with- I don't know how to tell the dogs that there's a difference in the dog park and PetsMart, but there definitely is!!

I can't think of a better way to spend $200. Because now, any time we need help with anything, we can call and they'll help. It gives me more peace of mind with the baby coming to have that trainer in our back pocket so to speak. Yay :)

Chuck's upstairs working away in the nursery. Hopefully I'll have some real updates on that front for you guys soon!

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