Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Piper grows up- 1 month

This post is ridiculously late, but I figure better late than never. I hate that I didn't start doing this in the first few months of Jade's life and don't want to make that mistake again. They change so quickly in the beginning- Piper's been one-month-old for almost 2 weeks and I'm struggling to remember things she was already doing at that point and what has changed. 

I'm going to do something different with the monthly pictures this time and take them in the same place every month. With Jade's pictures, it was hard to tell how much she had grown because I took them in all different places so hopefully this will help!

Without further ado:

She couldn't be bothered to open her eyes :)


The first few weeks of your life were like the first few weeks of many people's life, I imagine. You slept, cried, pooped, and ate. Not always in that order. Because you are my baby, you decided to scream at me when I tried to feed you, but thankfully we have moved past that and I know that one day our breastfeeding relationship will be just as precious to me as the one I shared with your sister.

For the most part, you are a very chill baby. You hang out in the bouncy seat or swing and just look around. You sleep in the co-sleeper some and not just on mama or daddy's chest. Because you are a baby, you love to be held (and I of course love to hold you), but you don't demand to be held 24/7, which I have to admit is a nice change.

Your first few days of life were anything but chill with you deciding to give everyone a big scare and turn blue when you were in the nursery at the hospital. This prompted doctors to run a bunch of test and to keep you in the intensive care nursery for 24 hours. Those first few hours were torturous for your mama and daddy, but thankfully they concluded that it was just a fluke and we were able to visit you for your feedings every couple hours. You had to have an IV, so you spend more time in the nursery than mama would have liked, but I was so thankful to have a healthy baby in my room most of the time that I didn't mind too much.

Your head control is amazing and you have surprised us all by rolling over with ease during tummy time. Despite your tummy time prowess, you still hate it and make sure that we know that as well. 

So far you're not too interested in what's going on around you... with the exception of ceiling fans and lights. You love to sleep in mama's woven wrap, and fall asleep in the car every time we go anywhere.

You've met lots of people this month- your Grandma B was the first family member to arrive, but she was quickly followed by Grandmama and Grandpapa and they all just fell in love with you. 

You're on track to be quite a chubby baby, which is something we've never seen in this house. At your 1-month appt, you were 9 lbs 1 ozs (50%), 20.5 inches (50%) and 25% for head circumference. You had gained almost 2 pounds in a month! It will be very interesting to see how you compare to your sister as you continue to get older. I'm excited, because I think chubby babies are super cute :)

You're such a sweet baby girl and I can't wait to see what you become.

Lots of love,

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Anna said...

Sweet! I am looking forward to my daily pictures of the girls.